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What is Astrodes?

In its purest form, Astrodes are fictional characters created based on ancient astrology stories.

What is the total supply of Astrodes characters?

The maximum possible supply of Astrodes is a handcrafted collection of 11,111, each with a unique identity to be discovered within the wider stories of Astrodes.

How much is the mint price?

It is FREE!!! Just pay the negligible gas fee on the polygon network.

Where can I buy an Astrode?
Where are they residing?

Astrodes are exploring the Polygon blockchain

When is the mint?

Mint starts on 26th Feb 2023

When is the reveal?

Astrodes will be instantly revealed after minting on OpenSea.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?

Astrodes team will receive 8% of all secondary sales. The funds will be used to hire more full-time team members for the upcoming collections to deliver even more value to our beloved community.

What intellectual property rights do Astrodes holders receive?

Owners of "Astrodes" have full commercial art rights for the NFTS they own. 

How do I stay updated?

All updates for Astrodes will be made through our official Astrodes Twitter and Instagram pages. There will never be a "surprise mint" or sudden instance that will ask you to send us any of your NFTs.

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