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Body color - Orange
Maturity age - 21
Sexual energy - Masculine 80%, Feminine 20%
Zodiacs owned - Leo
Friends with - Moon, Mars, Jupiter 
Enemies with - Venus, Saturn, Rahu
Neutral with - Mercury, Ketu

Solarians always project themselves as rulers. They have immense strength and hold self-respect. They're individual and confident in making a decision. They're egoistic, authoritative and bossy at times.


Body colour - White
Maturity age - 24
Sexual energy - Feminine 90%, Masculine 10%
Zodiacs owned - Cancer
Friends with - Sun, Mercury
Enemies with - None
Neutral with - Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Lunarians are extremely beautiful and shiny. They radiate the motherly nature of nurturing and caring. They represent peace and love. They possess a high emotional quotient. They're moody at times.


Body colour - Red
Maturity age - 28
Sexual energy - Masculine 70%, Feminine 30%
Zodiacs owned - Aries, Scorpio
Friends with - Sun, Moon, Jupiter 
Enemies with - Mercury 
Neutral with - Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Martians have warrior blood. They represent courage, willpower and bravery. They take the necessary initiative to fight the conflicts. They possess great passion yet they're impulsive at times.


Body colour - Green
Maturity age - 32
Sexual energy - Masculine 50%, Feminine 50%
Zodiacs owned - Gemini, Virgo
Friends with - Sun, Venus
Enemies with - Moon, Ketu
Neutral with - Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu

Mercurians are intellectual and good with numbers. They have impeccable communicative skills. They are highly analytical and logical. They possess high grasping power yet their perfectionism pulls them back.


Body colour - Yellow 
Maturity age - 16
Sexual energy - Masculine 60%, Feminine 40%
Zodiacs owned - Sagitarrius, Pisces 
Friends with - Sun, Moon, Mars
Enemies with - Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Neutral with - Saturn, Ketu

Jupiterians are wiser than any other species out there. They are highly knowledgeable and philosophical. They are the happiest beings in the solar system. They possess noble qualities like philanthropy and guiding others. They are judgmental at times.


Body colour - Pink
Maturity age - 25
Sexual energy - Feminine 80%, Masculine 20%
Zodiacs owned - Taurus, Libra
Friends with - Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Enemies with - Sun, Moon
Neutral with - Mars, Jupiter, Ketu

Venusians are well known for their immense wealth and luxurious life. They are creative and diplomatic. They are good at balancing relationships. They're imaginative yet they're stubborn and materialistic.


Body colour - Black
Maturity age - 36
Sexual energy - Masculine 50%, Feminine 50%
Zodiacs owned - Capricorn, Aquarius 
Friends with - Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Enemies with - Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral with - Jupiter, Ketu

Saturnians are very hardworking and disciplined. They have strict rules in the planet. They are highly organized and structured yet they're lazy and delay work at times.


Body colour - Blue
Maturity age - 42
Sexual energy - Feminine 60%, Masculine 40%
Co-rules - Aquarius 
Friends with - Venus, Saturn
Enemies with - Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral with - Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu

Rahu's are one of the rebel troops, who don't own any sign. They're very unconventional, creative and witty. They possess true charm as a performer. They do business with every other planetary species. They're obsessive and aggressive at times.

Astrode #0333

Body colour - Violet 
Maturity age - 48
Sexual energy - Masculine 50%, Feminine 50%
Co-rules - Scorpio 
Friends with - Sun, Mars
Enemies with - Venus, Saturn 
Neutral with - Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Rahu

Ketu's are the other rebel troop, that doesn't own any sign. They're highly spiritual. They possess immense research qualities and are very mysterious. They are very much detached and isolated from all materialistic possessions.

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